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What we do

Let’s make Salesforce work for you with our Salesforce Consulting Services

We know that your business is unique, and so are your needs. That’s why our team of Salesforce professionals is all about personalizing and customizing Salesforce to your business needs. We’re not just consultants, we’re your partners in making Salesforce work for you. From Business Analysis to Salesforce CRM Implementation, Customization, and even Maintenance & Support, we’ve got you covered.

Our Services

Full Cycle of Salesforce Consulting Services for Your Business

Business Analysis​

As a professional Salesforce consulting company, we start by thoroughly reviewing your business processes to understand your unique needs. This helps us identify your exact requirements and craft solutions that are just right for you. 

Salesforce CRM Implementation

Our team is more than just a group of Salesforce consultants. We partner with you to design customized Salesforce solutions, identify specific challenges in your business, educate your stakeholders, and prepare your organization for a smooth transition to new digital tools. We work to make Salesforce a natural extension of your business

Salesforce CRM Customization

No two Salesforces are the same. That’s why, in our Salesforce consulting services, we go the extra mile to customize the system to match your specific needs. We develop unique elements and integrate your business logic into the system.

Salesforce CRM Maintenance & Support

Our commitment to you doesn’t end at launch. We’re there for you every step of the way, providing comprehensive support and training for a smooth transition. And as your Salesforce consulting partner, we don’t stop there. We continue to maintain and optimize your Salesforce CRM, ensuring it evolves with your business and stays effective and operational.

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How we work

Your Salesforce Success in Three Clear Steps

Working with us is all about simplicity and clarity. That’s why we’ve designed our Salesforce consulting process to be straightforward, breaking it down into three distinct, easy-to-follow steps.

01 - Discovery

Think of this step as getting-to-know-you sessions. We learn about your business challenges and brainstorm potential solutions. This step is all about making sure our Salesforce consulting services align with your business needs.

02 - Delivery

Here’s where we bring our plans to life. We implement and customize Salesforce CRM to fit your business processes. It’s not just about delivering a system but making Salesforce a natural part of your business.

03 - Hypercare

This is our commitment to you. After the system is delivered, we provide the support you need. We ensure a smooth launch and a seamless handover. And we’re always there, ready to help your Salesforce CRM continue to drive your business forward.

What we did

We Deliver Promptly and Have Cases to Showcase

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how to start

What are the next steps to begin with our Salesforce Consulting services?

Start by scheduling a free consultation with our team. This is a no-obligation opportunity for us to learn more about your project and for you to gain insight into how our Salesforce consulting services can help.

Discuss Your Project

Discuss Your Project

We want to hear about your project. Share your business challenges, goals, and obstacles. This will help us tailor our Salesforce consulting services to your specific needs.

Meet Your Consultant

Meet Your Consultant

Based on your project details, we’ll match you with a Salesforce consultant from our team who best fits your needs. This ensures you have the right expertise on your side.

Project Kick Off

Project Kick Off

Once everything is in place, we kick off your project. We work closely with you to implement and customize Salesforce CRM, providing support every step of the way.

what they say

What Our Customer Say

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Frequently Asked Questions

What industries do you specialize in for Salesforce consulting?

Our Salesforce consultancy caters to a diverse range of industries. We have a special focus on small businesses, offering them subscription-based consulting services such as two days per month of consulting. This approach allows us to provide dedicated attention to smaller projects, which often have unique needs that larger corporations don’t encounter. As our customer base grows, these small amounts accumulate, demonstrating our commitment to supporting small businesses.

We have extensive experience working with the Automotive Cloud and Manufacturing Cloud. Thanks to our partnerships and extensive portfolio, we are very proficient in working with car dealers and OEM manufacturers. The Manufacturing Cloud is designed for companies that manufacture, and it is closely related to the Automotive Cloud. These industries present their own unique challenges and opportunities, and our team of Salesforce consultants is well-versed in navigating these complexities.

We also engage with Retail and Professional Services industries, applying our Salesforce consulting expertise to help these businesses optimize their customer relationship management and achieve their business goals.

Currently, we work with:

  • Commerce Cloud (including Order Management, Omnichannel)
  • Experience Cloud & Self-service tools
  • Small Business
  • Quoting and CPQ
  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud

Our focus is on industries where we can use our vast enterprise consulting experience and technical expertise to deliver the most value. We are a versatile Salesforce consulting company committed to delivering results that drive business growth.

How do you ensure successful Salesforce implementation?

Successful Salesforce implementation is not a one-size-fits-all process. It requires a profound analysis of your business processes, a clear vision of your business goals, and the technical expertise to bring it all together. That’s where our team of certified Salesforce consultants comes in.

We work closely with you to understand your business goals and challenges. This involves detailed discussions, strategic questioning, and a thorough review of your existing business systems. The thorough analysis of your business allows us to tailor the Salesforce CRM to meet your specific needs, ensuring a seamless and effective implementation.

Once the planning stage is complete, we move on to the actual implementation. Our team of certified Salesforce consultants comes in to ensure a successful Salesforce CRM consulting process. This involves configuring the Salesforce CRM to align with your business processes, customizing it to fit your specific needs, and integrating it with your existing systems. Throughout this process, we maintain open communication with you, ensuring that the implementation aligns with your expectations and business objectives.

Can you provide examples of successful Salesforce projects you’ve completed?

Over the years, our Salesforce consulting company has had the privilege of working on numerous Salesforce projects across various industries. Each project has its own unique set of challenges and opportunities, but they all share a common thread – a commitment to delivering results that drive business growth.

One of the better examples, that we always reference to is local driving school Credo Autoprieks. The company had a pretty successful marketing campaign up and running, however it struggled with the number of leads it received over the course of the campaign. We’ve implemented Salesforce CRM for the lead management and managed to increase their lead conversion but astonishing 254%. This is not a made up number, but a result of methodical work with Credo’s management and sales team. You can read more about this case study here. We’ve also presented this case study in multiple conferences and trade shows. 

Another great example was Meccanica Middle East implementation. It’s was a typical B2B case. Company was struggling with implement so-called SoPs (Standard Operating Procedures), we’ve helped them make it live with Salesforce. You can read more about this case study in our case study section here.

How do you handle Salesforce customization to meet specific business needs?

Salesforce customization is a key part of our Salesforce consultancy services. We understand your specific business needs and adjust the Salesforce CRM to meet those needs. This involves developing unique elements, integrating your business logic into the system, and configuring the system to align with your business processes.

Our team of Salesforce consultants and developers are certified professionals with extensive experience in Salesforce customization. They work closely with you to be aware of your specific needs, brainstorm potential solutions, and implement those solutions in the Salesforce CRM. This ensures that the system not only meets your needs but also enhances your business operations and customer relationship management.

What kind of support do you provide after Salesforce implementation?

Our Salesforce consulting company believes in providing ongoing support to ensure that the system continues to meet your needs and drive your business forward. This involves providing extensive training to your team, ensuring a smooth transition, and providing ongoing maintenance and support.

Our team of Salesforce consultants is always on call, ready to assist you with any issues or questions you may have. We also provide regular updates and optimizations to the system, ensuring it stays current with the latest Salesforce features and best practices. This ongoing support ensures that your Salesforce CRM continues to drive your business operations and customer satisfaction.

What types of Salesforce services do you offer?

As a professional Salesforce consulting company, we offer a suite of Salesforce consulting services to meet your specific business needs. This includes consulting services for Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Service Cloud, Salesforce Experience Cloud, and Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Each of these services is designed to enhance a specific aspect of your business, whether it’s sales, customer service, customer experience, or commerce.

We also specialize in B2B Commerce, Omnichannel Order Management, Order Management Systems (OMS), and Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA). These specialized services allow us to provide customized solutions that meet your specific business needs and drive your business growth.

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