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CPQ Managed Services: What is Behind the Offerings?

Salesforce CPQ Managed Services are an important service for sales organizations, helping them set up effective sales processes and boost sales success. But what is behind the offerings? What does it do for your business? And how do you know if it’s right for you? In this blog post, we will talk about what salesforce cpq managed services are all about, as well as who can benefit from one.

What salesforce cpq managed services are all about

Salesforce CPQ managed services is a subscription product for companies of all scales. It helps to outsource daily CPQ related tasks like updating configurators, managing sales cycle, adjusting quote to cash processes, and maximizing overall ROI Salesforce investment.

Compared to the hour-rated business model, managed service packages provide customers with a more attached supplier. Your business partners, who provide you with managed service packages, are salesforce certified CPQ experts. They have dedicated account managers who closely monitor your sales process flows to ensure it works at its best – for you and for them as well.

Who can benefit from salesforce cpq managed services?

Due to the nature of Sales Cloud Managed Services (SCMS), we recommend using SCMS in companies that already use sales cloud or plan on doing so soon:

  • If a company is looking for an effective way to handle their quote-to-cash processes – they should consider sales cloud cpq managed service;
  • It’s also great if a business wants top-notch customer experience with their customers; this means that businesses selling high-end products like cars, furniture, etc. should consider sales cloud cpq managed service;
  • And finally, IT managers that want to boost their sales team performance and sales success also benefit from salesforce cpq managed services.

How salesforce cpq managed services work to help businesses grow

Salesforce CPQ services with managed model can help track your revenue lifecycle and sales processes to make sure your sales team always has the right information and tools in their hands.

That way Salesforce CPQ managed services can help you focus on what you do best – provide services and sell products to your customers, while your service provider will take care of you CPQ setup. Salesforce CPQ experts can help you keep your CPQ software up to date and provide you with quick access to your customer data.

Secondly, if you have a lot of sales reps it is essential to make your sales process easier, yet maintain stringent business needs. If you want to have someone taking care of your quote to cash project salesforce CPQ managed services are the solution.

Thirdly, the salesforce sales cloud cpq managed service can help you get rid of sales team complaints about sales process inefficiencies. Your reps will have access to all necessary information and tools they need at their hands, which ultimately leads to increased sales performance. This is how salesforce cpq managed services boost your business’ growth!

Make your CPQ Implementation match your organizational mission

It often happens that CPQ projects are built and forget. Let me explain what does that means.

Once the CPQ instance is built, it often happens, that project managers sign off the project and are not involved in the salesforce platform further development. As a result, managing the salesforce CPQ instance becomes very complicated. Such projects require salesforce cpq expertise and such expertise is hard to find on an ad-hoc basis. Managed services include business partners’ quick access to the platform and access to trained staff.

Ongoing support and evolution of your CPQ platform

Ongoing support and evolution of your CPQ platform is paramount for successful salesforce CPQ implementations. Salesforce platforms are constantly evolving and the CPQ functionality does not stand still. In order to keep up with all changes, you should have a professional team that will provide support for your salesforce cpq instance. This way, you can ensure that your business processes remain efficient while keeping an eye on new opportunities coming from salesforce updates.

You should also be able to expect that their business processes remain efficient. This way, they can focus on the other aspects of their jobs. It is important to keep an eye on the new opportunities coming from salesforce updates. Regular small changes are far cheaper than large one time adjustments. The reason for this is that it is easier to test small changes before performing them on the entire platform.

Why would you need a company managing Salesforce CPQ?

Salesforce certified experts alleviates the process of implementing change in your organization. In addition, they help you avoid the risks associated with managing salesforce cpq implementation by yourselves. With their expertise and experience in implementing change management, will be able to manage not only Salesforce CPQ but also other aspects of your business processes that are affected by changes on a larger scale.

It is important to keep an eye on new opportunities coming from salesforce updates so they can focus more on the core elements of their jobs. The reason for this is that it’s easier to test small changes before performing them throughout the platform, minimizing impact while maximizing value gained through every update made within our managed services plan based upon your needs.

Advantages of having Salesforce cpq managed services

More ROI from your CPQ Sales tool

At the end of the day, your quote software is built to make your revenue meet the goals. When you make your sales quotes you expect them to convert. The faster you prode sales quotes, the faster your revenue is. Having the salesforce cpq managed services in place will ensure that you can process sales quotes efficiently and provide better service to your customers, resulting in more successful sales conversions which means higher income for your business. It’s like having an insurance policy against bad data management

Increased flexibility of Sales teams

If projects are built and forget, it often happens that project managers sign off the project when it comes time to manage its evolution or updates. This model might work if all changes were small but this not always the case with Salesforce CPQ platforms. With no expert support on board, managing change becomes very complicated requiring specialized training just to keep things running smoothly at best – let alone taking advantage of new opportunities provided by platform updates.

Our managed service plan includes having access to technicians that will help you with your updates and keep everything running smoothly as well as take advantage of new opportunities provided by platform updates so you don’t have to worry about the future growth of your business.

Increased security for Salesforce CPQ platforms

Having a dedicated team in charge of managing salesforce cpq ensures confidentiality, integrity and availability of data on a continuous basis. This way, sensitive information is not exposed or compromised, which ultimately protects from external threats such as cyber criminals who are intent on stealing valuable personal and financial details from their victims before they exploit them for their own benefit. In order to ensure maximum protection levels all changes must be monitored closely through an effective change management process – which is exactly what you get with a managed service plan.

No surprise monthly billing

With ongoing cpq development support, you’ll always be in the loop when it comes to upcoming updates and changes within your salesforce cpq platform. This way, we can work with you on implementing new features or capabilities that will allow for more streamlined processes resulting in higher productivity and increased revenue. Moreover, since our managed service plan is based upon your needs and requirements, there won’t be any surprise charges every month which means peace of mind knowing exactly what is included in each price quote provided by us.

At the end of the day managing Salesforce CPQ these days requires a lot from both companies who need such solutions as well as their customers seeking them out – but not all businesses are up to this task due to lack of experience required to manage change so efficiently while keeping costs under control.

This is where Salesforce CPQ managed services plan can help you reduce your company’s risks while increasing its productivity, efficiency and revenue – all leading to greater financial return for your business in the long run.

Extended workforce available for your disposal

With managed services, you have highly skilled technical expertise available. If you already have an internal team dedicated to the salesforce platform you can extend their capacity with outsource company.

Ad-hoc availability to trained resources

As long as I know, many customer value ability to have team available on-demand. Our managed service helps you to have ad-hoc availability of resources whenever it is needed.

Proper maintenance and support for your salesforce ccpq platform allows you to benefit from the latest updates, features and capabilities without having any hassles associated with learning curve or training required which ultimately makes managing change much easier. This also ensures maximum levels of security thanks to constant monitoring – all resulting in increased productivity as well as greater financial return on investment for your business over time.

Requirement and revenue lifecycle compliance

When you have a dedicated team available throghout the year, you can keep your renewal management quote configuration up to date and compliant with your requirements and revenue lifecycle.

At the end of the day with Salesforce CPQ managed services you have a team that is dedicated to keeping your salesforce platform up and running, being proactive about upcoming changes in order for them not to come as a surprise, having full access to new platforms capabilities while ensuring maximum security levels – all resulting in higher productivity over time as well as improved financial return on investment for your business.

The cost of salesforce cpq managed services

Here comes the most sophisticated part. Costs of managed services depend on your setup and your requirements. Usually they consist of fixed contract maintenance fee (which ensures you cover the costs keeping highly skilled technical expertise) and hourly rate for services.

The bottom line

Having a partner managing salesforce CPQ for you allows companies of any size or industry sector to leverage one of the most powerful cloud applications on the market today without sacrificing security or responsiveness needed by businesses these days. Sales teams are extremely busy but they need their quote software platform up-to-date at all times so it makes sense to have someone taking care of this process rather than doing it yourself which would not only take valuable time away from making sales but could also result in lost opportunities.

Please let me know if you want to discuss this further or need any additional information on managed service plans and how they can benefit your company moving forward. We look forward to hearing from you soon . Thank You!

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