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What we do

We streamline Business Operations with B2B Ecommerce Solutions

We specialize in helping businesses implement B2B Ecommerce tools such as customer portals, storefronts, and online ordering systems, while also providing consulting services to meticulously analyze needs, define goals, and craft strategic plans for long-term success in the digital marketplace.

Our Services

We cover full cycle of B2B Commerce Solution Delivery

Business Analysis​

We perform business analysis by conducting a detailed review of your company’s needs. Through strategic questioning, we achieve a comprehensive understanding of your operations, enabling us to precisely identify your exact requirements. This meticulous approach guarantees the provision of customized solutions designed for optimal results.


We will work closely with you to engineer customized solutions, pinpoint obstacles specific to your business, educate your stakeholders, and prepare your organization for the seamless adoption of new digital tools.


We will customize B2B e-commerce solution to perfectly match your business needs. Our approach includes developing bespoke elements when necessary and integrating your unique business logic. Where feasible, we will also make use of existing solutions on the market to ensure both efficiency and effectiveness.

Maintenance & Support

At project launch, we’ll collaborate closely with your team, offering thorough support and training for a seamless transition. Post-launch, we’ll maintain and optimize your B2B commerce portal, ensuring its ongoing effectiveness and operation. Our continuous support adapts to your evolving needs and the digital marketplace.

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How we work

Three Clear Steps in Our B2B Commerce Process

We strive to keep the process of working with us as simple as possible. In our B2B commerce line of business, we have streamlined it to three clear and transparent steps.

01 - Discovery

We begin with Discovery sessions to uncover your business’s challenges and evaluate potential solutions. This initial phase ensures that our services align with your needs.

02 - Delivery

Our commitment is to deliver on our promises, from customer portals to advanced e-commerce systems with reordering, rebate management, and more.

03 - Hypercare

Following delivery, we provide comprehensive support for your new system, ensuring a smooth launch and a thorough handover process.

What we did

We Deliver Promptly and Have Cases to Showcase

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how to start

What are the next steps to begin with our B2B Ecommerce services?

Start by booking your free consultation with one of our consultants. It’s free and comes with no obligations.

Tell about your project​

Tell about your project​

Start by telling us about your project, your challenges and obstacles. 

Find the right consultant​​

Find the right consultant​​

We will carefully consider your requirements and wishes and will find the best suited consultant for the job.

Kick off​

Kick off​

Let’s then kick off the project and delivery your Ecommerce Solution.

what they say

What Our Customer Say

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a B2B consultant do?

A B2B ecommerce consultant helps businesses improve their operations, sales, business strategy, and overall performance in the B2B category, including optimizing the process of showcasing and selling products online. They can be internal or external. For example, if you choose to go with Muncly – a B2B ecommerce agency, the consultants would be external.

What are 4 examples of B2B ecommerce?

The top 4 examples that you might have heard about already include Alibaba, Amazon Business, Salesforce B2B Commerce, and Magento Commerce.

What is B2B ecommerce industry?

This industry includes buying and selling goods or services where both the end parties are businesses. Unlike B2C where a corporation chooses to sell their product or service to individual consumers or customers, B2B only focuses on transactions between businesses to foster opportunities for better deals. For example, imagine a software house with skilled B2B ecommerce developers who work on building a website design within the B2B landscape.

What is a commerce consultant?

That one person among the employees who offer exceptional and professional firsthand knowledge and advice related to ecommerce is a commerce consultant. They have all digital experiences from marketing strategy to conversion optimization and more.

How Salesforce helps ecommerce business?

Salesforce includes various clouds, and most importantly the Salesforce Commerce Cloud for ecommerce businesses. It enables them to connect with their potential clients across various channels. Notably, it facilitates the creation of personalized online business storefronts, elevating the customer experience.

Can Salesforce be used for B2B?

Yes, Salesforce can be used for B2B. Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud is specially used for this purpose – providing the following benefits: You can set up chatbots, complex pricing structures, manage product catalogs, create an ecommerce website, and more. Additionally, Salesforce community cloud consulting further enhances collaboration and engagement within your B2B ecosystem. All the other Salesforce clouds like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, etc. can play a part too.

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