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Enhancing Salesforce Efficiency and Compliance at Tadawul Group

Case Study

Enhancing Salesforce Efficiency and Compliance at Tadawul Group

Streamlining Operations and Ensuring Data Residency Compliance in Saudi Arabia’s Financial Ecosystem with Tailored Salesforce Solutions


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Company Size

450 employees




Tadawul Group, a pivotal entity in Saudi Arabia’s financial landscape, is dedicated to enhancing the Kingdom’s capital market through innovative and diversified services. As a world-class holding group, it aims to empower economic growth and sustainability, ensuring a robust financial ecosystem. 

Approached for assistance with their Salesforce implementation, our task was to revise and optimize their existing setup, focusing on improving user experience and efficiency within their sales and customer management processes, leveraging Salesforce’s capabilities to meet their unique operational needs.

The Challenge

Addressing the challenge of Salesforce’s data residency with the InCountry plugin was pivotal for compliance in Saudi Arabia, where local data storage laws are strict. The project required significant modifications to ensure data remained within national servers, a necessity given Salesforce’s cloud-based nature.

Acquiring new expertise in InCountry’s managed service was essential, facilitated by its comprehensive documentation, enabling us to meet legal requirements and implement a solution tailored to operate within the country’s regulatory framework.

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Our approach to enhancing Tadawul’s Salesforce implementation began with a thorough audit of their environment and sandboxes, assessing both the available documentation and feedback from the business on areas identified for improvement. We presented our findings and proposed enhancements to the business, initiating the implementation of small, incremental business processes across different departments. This strategy ensured a systematic and effective integration of Salesforce processes throughout the organization.

Technologies Used

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud for comprehensive sales automation and customer relationship management.
  • InCountry data residency package to ensure compliance with Saudi Arabia’s stringent data storage regulations.

Delivery Highlights

  • Extensive efforts were dedicated to educating business users on best practices for Salesforce implementation, ensuring a solid foundation for user adoption and process integration.
  • A significant part of the project involved detailing, documenting, and implementing numerous business processes within Salesforce, tailor-made to fit the unique needs of Tadawul.
  • The project has successfully undergone multiple cycles of updates, reflecting our commitment to continuous improvement and adaptation to Tadawul’s evolving business requirements.

This approach has not only facilitated a smoother transition to regulated and Salesforce-implemented processes but also positioned Tadawul for enhanced operational efficiency and compliance with local data residency laws.

The Results

Through our comprehensive efforts, we significantly enhanced Salesforce adoption and optimized data storage within the InCountry residency package.

Our initiative to educate the business on Salesforce best practices led to substantial improvements in system utilization. By eliminating outdated processes, fields, and page layouts, we streamlined operations, enhancing the overall Salesforce experience.

This meticulous approach not only modernized their CRM environment but also ensured compliance with local data residency laws, demonstrating a successful blend of technological upgrade and regulatory adherence in a complex business landscape.