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Digitalizing Rio Verti with Salesforce B2B Commerce Integration

Case Study

Digitalizing Rio Verti with Salesforce B2B Commerce Integration

Navigating Outerwear Industry Challenges through Customized Salesforce Solutions for Improved Order Management and Product Catalog Accessibility


Florence, Italy (Europe)

Company Size

50 employees




Founded in 1989, Rio Verti is a family-owned Italian outerwear brand, renowned for producing exquisite down jackets designed for harsh cold weather conditions. Operating in the Canadian and Scandinavian markets, the brand combines quality craftsmanship with stylish designs to cater to those seeking premium warmth and comfort during the colder months. Rio Verti’s commitment to excellence and its deep roots in family values have established it as a distinguished name in the outerwear fashion industry.

The Challenge

The project’s main challenge was the absence of digital tools within the company, complicating processes. Additionally, employing a delegated product owner from outside introduced initial knowledge gaps due to unfamiliarity with the company’s specifics. Another significant hurdle was the need to support multiple languages in the system, adding complexity to development and implementation.

These challenges required innovative solutions and adaptations to ensure the project’s success in enhancing the company’s digital capabilities and accommodating diverse linguistic needs.

It’s also important to note the company’s B2B Commerce portal is oriented towards back-orders, leading to extended and fragmented delivery times. To address this, we implemented sophisticated order management algorithms and undertook the task of training inexperienced staff, ensuring a smoother operational flow and better handling of back-order complexities. This approach was crucial in optimizing order processing and delivery schedules to meet customer expectations efficiently.

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We’ve approached the project with our time-tested approach – make it small, deliver often. We started by developing strategy and our strategy was first to digitalise product catalogue. To mentioned, this work involved a lot of paper processing, visiting factory, scrolling through product catalogues.

The challenge here was that number of product was not big, yet it’s variability was huge. Same jacket could exist in 12 sizes, up to five colors and up to 7 different trimming options. Such variability requried us to heavily customer Salesforce B2B Commerce platform to meet the requirement.

Technologies Used

  • Salesforce B2B Commerce
  • Salesforce Order Management
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud

Delivery Highlights

  • The initial delivery utilized an Excel sheet for a detailed product catalog, which was subsequently integrated into Salesforce products.
  • Prior to the B2B Store launch, we deployed a CRM system equipped with a CPQ interface for order creation, setting a solid foundation for order management.
  • After a year of data collection and process refinement, the B2B store was successfully launched, requiring 26 iterations to optimize the process and ensure a seamless operation.

The Results

Our paramount achievement in this project was equipping the company’s team with the knowledge to evolve their business processes and further digitalize their operations. Initially envisioned as a software development project, it evolved into a business consulting endeavor, highlighting our flexible approach to meet the client’s evolving needs.

We successfully delivered a fully functional and customized Salesforce B2B Commerce portal, signifying a significant step towards digital transformation and empowering the company to independently drive future business innovations and digital initiatives.