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Accelerating Sales Efficiency at Credo Autoprieks Through Digital Innovation

Case Study

Accelerating Sales Efficiency at Credo Autoprieks Through Digital Innovation

Implementing Salesforce Solutions to Revolutionize Lead Management and Customer Service in Driving Education


Riga, Latvia (Europe)

Company Size

100 employees




Credo Autoprieks (CA), emerging from the merger of two local driving schools, now stands as the largest in the region. Offering a comprehensive range of driving courses for all categories, from bicycles to heavy trucks and specialized equipment.

CA boasts a team of over 100 professionals, including teachers and independent vendors managing training fields. Annually, CA plays a pivotal role in issuing over 5,000 new driving licenses, alongside providing courses for enhancing driving skills.

The Challenge

Facing increased competition and digital demands, Credo Autoprieks (CA) needed to modernize its sales processes to enhance lead conversion. Competitors had advanced with remote education options, adapted swiftly to the digital economy, and benefited from new legislation on remote document signing, alongside increased marketing budgets leading to higher customer acquisition costs.

Our task was to digitize CA’s sales process, a clear and straightforward objective that underscored technology’s significant, rapid impact on sales. This case showcases the transformative power of digital solutions in boosting sales efficiency, presenting an inspiring success story.

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We divided the challenge into two segments: Lead Conversion and Digital Customer Journey, prioritizing the critical task of boosting conversion rates. Despite limited interaction with staff, a strong partnership with the sales department director facilitated the integration of technology and management.

We implemented a straightforward kanban-style lead pipeline with distinct statuses, enabling sales reps to efficiently manage leads. Additionally, a dashboard displaying closure rates and commission bonuses spurred competitiveness, resulting in a 254% increase in closure rates and significantly reducing the cost per converted lead.

Addressing the lead conversion, we then enhanced the business process digitally. Integrating Salesforce Sales Cloud with CA’s proprietary Learning Management System (LMS) facilitated a gradual transition to Salesforce. The development of a Customer Account Portal using Salesforce Experience Cloud allowed for a seamless self-service transition, and integration with the ZOOM platform further expanded the company’s capabilities.

Technologies Used

  • AmoCRM (was used temporarily)
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Salesforce Service Cloud
  • Salesforce Experience Cloud

Delivery Highlights

  • Achieved a 254% increase in lead conversion in the first week post-launch.
  • Initially implemented a simple third-party Kanban CRM to bridge the gap for more complex development.
  • Developed a comprehensive LMS integrated with a Customer Portal.

The Results

The CRM implementation at CA yielded remarkable results, including a 254% increase in lead conversion within the first week of launch.

We successfully introduced a third-party Kanban CRM as a temporary solution, paving the way for the development of a fully-fledged Learning Management System (LMS) with an integrated Customer Portal.

This strategic deployment not only streamlined operations but also significantly enhanced customer engagement and operational efficiency, setting a new benchmark for CA’s digital transformation journey.