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Advancing Nonprofit Efficiency with Salesforce Integration at Centrs Dardedze

Case Study

Advancing Nonprofit Efficiency with Salesforce Integration

Customizing Salesforce CRM to Streamline Operations and Safeguard Sensitive Data in Child Advocacy


Riga, Latvia (Europe)

Company Size

25 employees




Centrs Dardedze (CD) is a dedicated NPO in Latvia, focused on advocating for children’s rights and providing support for victims of domestic and sexual violence. Emphasizing both physical and mental recovery, CD commits to safeguarding the well-being of the vulnerable, promoting a secure environment for healing and growth.

Through comprehensive support services, CD plays a crucial role in the protection and rehabilitation of affected individuals, underscoring its commitment to creating a safer future for children.

The Challenge

Centrs Dardedze approached us seeking a CRM system tailored to their unique needs for tracking various processes. As an organization without prior CRM experience and relying on Excel for process documentation, the challenge extended to coordinating with Salesforce’s NPO cloud team for access to a specialized cloud.

The complexity of integrating multiple stakeholders like teachers, contributors, and schools, while handling highly sensitive data of children under their protection, added layers of complexity to the project.

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Building upon the initial solution for Centrs Dardedze, our strategy extended beyond just the implementation of the NPO Success Package. We meticulously analyzed the organization’s unique process requirements to ensure a tailored CRM experience.

Our phased approach involved careful integration of each process, ensuring stability and functionality before advancing. This method allowed for smoother transitions and minimized disruptions.

To further enhance efficiency, we introduced sophisticated automation for managing communications, from forms to notifications.

A standout feature was automating the certification process for partner training, a critical aspect of the organization’s operation. By automating the tracking of training achievements, we facilitated a more effective way to monitor who completed necessary training and thus, who could access specific sensitive data.

This automation was not just about efficiency; it was crucial for safeguarding the privacy and safety of the children under Centrs Dardedze’s protection.

Through these strategic implementations, we aimed to empower the organization with a robust system that supports its mission while ensuring data security and operational excellence.

Technologies Used

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Salesforce NPSP (Nonprofit Success Pack)
  • Microsoft 365

Delivery Highlights

  • Delivered Partner Educational Credential tracking
  • Implemented local educational institution database with it’s actors
  • Implemented protection inquiry tracking

The Results

Our final deliverable to Centrs Dardedze was a fully operational CRM system based on the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) managed package. For the first time, the organization can now efficiently track mission-critical processes like inquiry counts and credential verifications in near real-time.

The necessity for manual tracking of credentials has been eliminated, thanks to automated notifications about credential expirations sent directly to both the account owner and the agent involved, significantly enhancing operational efficiency and data management within the organization.