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Digitizing B2B Engagement for Mida’s Transformation in the Roofing Industry

Case Study

Digitizing B2B Engagement for Mida’s
Transformation in the Roofing Industry

Leveraging Technology to Enhance Supply Chain Efficiency in European Construction Projects


Gargždai, Lithuania (Europe)

Company Size

100 employees




Mida, Eastern Europe’s premier roofing material manufacturer, has a strong presence across most European nations, focusing on the B2B market. It primarily supplies DIY stores, building companies, and specialist local roofing distributors. This positioning reflects Mida’s commitment to quality and innovation in the roofing industry, serving as a key supplier for various construction and renovation projects with its wide range of roofing solutions.

The Challenge

Mida sought to segment its customer base, which, despite being small, had vast data on building sites with upsell opportunities at various construction stages. The challenge intensified as Mida’s products were versatile, suitable not only for roofing but also for hydraulic isolation and other building applications. Their ambition was to capitalize on sales opportunities at every construction phase, navigating the complexity of their broad product applicability and the depth of customer data.

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Our strategy to tackle Mida’s challenge involved a detailed, multi-phase approach. The initial phase focused on deploying a pilot program to test the new system’s reception among representatives, aiming to understand its adoption rate and gather valuable feedback. Recognizing the importance of mobility for Mida’s field agents, we prioritized mobile accessibility, ensuring they could efficiently enter data on-the-go.

The subsequent phase targeted the quoting process, streamlining it to allow employees without direct computer access to easily generate re-orders from mobile devices. Our solution automated price calculations, approving quotes directly from mobile if the price adjustments remained within an established acceptable margin.

This innovation significantly reduced administrative overhead and improved operational flexibility. The culmination of our efforts was the introduction of a customer portal in the final phase, designed to enhance user experience and service accessibility, marking a significant milestone in Mida’s digital transformation journey and broadening their customer engagement capabilities.

Technologies Used

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Salesforce CPQ
  • Salesforce Experience Cloud

Delivery Highlights

  • Many parts of the CRM were adopted for the mobile usage
  • Customer self service tools where implemented
  • Complex catalogue was digitalised

The Results

We successfully implemented a broad range of functionalities for the customer, staying close to the system’s original capabilities. This transformation led from traditional paper-based sales processes to a fully digitalized sales system and introduced self-service options, significantly enhancing operational efficiency and customer engagement.