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Proks’ Strategic Transformation of the Sales Department for Global Expansion

Case Study

Proks' Strategic Transformation of the Sales Department for Global Expansion

Enhancing Efficiency and Scalability through Organizational Restructuring and Digital Strategy in Global Electronics Distribution


Riga, Latvia (Europe)

Company Size

100 employees


Consumer Goods


Proks, established in 1992 in Riga, Latvia, is a leading global supplier and distributor of top-brand computer components, household appliances, TVs, and other electronics, primarily serving the B2B market. With a reputation for accuracy and punctuality, Proks operates in over 62 countries across five continents, offering a broad product portfolio through direct distribution and partnership agreements.

The company’s success is highlighted by its substantial turnover growth, extensive warehouse facilities, and a committed team, making it a trusted partner for distributors, wholesalers, and retailers worldwide.

The Challenge

Proks approached us seeking guidance on reorganizing their sales department to enhance sales predictability, reduce dependency on individual sales rep proficiency, and scale the process efficiently. The company aimed to refine their sales strategy to ensure a more systematic and reliable approach to sales activities, thereby facilitating growth and consistency in their sales operations across the diverse markets they serve.

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This project with the company evolved beyond our usual scope; instead of implementing a CRM system or delivering software, we embarked on an analysis of their current performance, product efficiency, and digital landscape.

It became apparent that self-service tools were necessary, leading the company to develop a proprietary solution. We contributed by designing a supportive organizational chart to navigate digital challenges.

In the project’s second phase, we facilitated the implementation of this org chart and advised on hiring professionals to bolster the new structure, marking a unique consultancy direction.

The Results

The company successfully restructured its sales department by adopting the “hunters” and “farmers” approach.

This reorganization differentiated roles within the team: one group focuses on new customer acquisition, another on closing sales, and a third on managing existing customer relationships.

This strategic realignment has streamlined the sales process, allowing for more targeted efforts in each area and leading to improved efficiency and customer satisfaction.