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Evolving Customer Engagement at TC Motors with Salesforce Integration

Case Study

Evolving Customer Engagement at TC Motors with Salesforce Integration

From Paper Chaos to Digital Clarity: Streamlining Operations and Amplifying Sales Insights at TC Motors Without Incurring Additional Costs


Riga, Latvia (Europe)

Company Size

25 employees




TC Motors, a distinguished car dealership specializing in Subaru, Jeep, and RAM vehicles, has long been a local staple, renowned within the community. The company faced a unique challenge: despite its well-known status, it struggled with quantifying its customer relationships due to the absence of a unified database. This lack of insight meant they couldn’t accurately track who purchased what or ownership details.

The Challenge

The project presented multiple challenges, with the most significant being the absence of a comprehensive customer database and the limited availability of structured data. Much of the company’s business information was entangled within Excel spreadsheets, relying heavily on formulas. This situation necessitated a fundamental shift in the company’s data management approach.

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We initiated our strategy by focusing on manageable components, catering to a business unfamiliar with CRM systems. Our initial steps involved configuring lead management and opportunity management, followed by a trial and error process to ensure satisfactory user adoption rates.

Success in these areas led us to develop a Vehicle database, transitioning over 100 fields from an extensive Excel spreadsheet utilized company-wide. Our solution’s hallmark was the extensive customization of Salesforce’s native quoting functionality, elevating it to near CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) system levels, all without additional Salesforce licenses, purchases, or coding.

This feat was achieved using Salesforce’s declarative tools like Flow and the now-deprecated Process Builder.

Technologies Used

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Hic DocMade Easy Plugin
  • WordPress Integration

Delivery Highlights

  • Developed a comprehensive Vehicle database.
  • Leveraged Salesforce’s standard quoting for a seamless quoting solution.
  • Introduced numerous buttons to automate data entry processes.
  • Implemented Hic DocsMade Easy, a free plugin, for efficient document generation.

The Results

Our efforts culminated in a transformative outcome for TC Motors, transitioning from a predominantly paper-based and offline operation to a sophisticated Salesforce Sales Cloud environment. This transition enabled the management to generate detailed reports on various sales metrics, including vehicle delivery, sales margins, sales forecasts, top-performing sales representatives, and even monitoring the sales force’s activities. This comprehensive overhaul has not only streamlined operations but also provided TC Motors with the insights and efficiency needed to excel in a competitive market.