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7 Salesforce Customer and CRM User Stories

I was always inspired by the companies that use Salesforce to grow their business. These companies are the ones I look up to.

Salesforce is an industry-leading customer relationship management software. It has over 20,000 companies using it to track their contacts and leads. Salesforce CRM users can do anything from monitoring email campaigns to creating customized reports for their management! I wanted to share some excellent companies that use salesforce so you could get inspired by them or even find a company like yours.

This blog post features seven companies that are using the power of Salesforce CRM to improve their business processes and increase productivity! I will share about companies I have either worked with directly or stories which inspire me.


The first company on the list companies that use salesforce is sennder. sennder is a company which has quickly grown in size and now employs over 800 people worldwide. The company specializes in the logistics and builded a B2B platfrom to connect shippers and carriers accross europe.

The company was founded in 2015 by David Nothacker, Julius Köhler and Nicolaus Schefenacker who had the idea to offer people service of same-day delivery of the parcel. Now a company is leading European digital freight forwarder.

Sennder’s philosophy is that they can build for companies what companies cannot build for themselves yet. They do this by combining their deep understanding of cutting edge technologies with extensive experience of working with companies of all shapes and sizes.

How sennder uses Salesforce

Sennder uses Salesforce to track their sales and routes they are tendering. Because sennder is a technology company, they are power users of the CRM and they manage their business across 7 offices (or even more right now). Sennder has a huge customer base and companies that use sennder for their logistics.

Boggi Milano

Boggi Milano is a clothing company that was founded in Italy over 60 years ago. It’s on my list of companies that use salesforce because they have more than 400 stores and they are present in 52 countries around the world! Boggi is a family-owned business and their vision of companies has always been to achieve growth with passion, customer satisfaction, and high-quality products.

How boggi uses Salesforce CRM

Boggi uses Salesforce to manage their customers. They have a large number of companies who are loyal to BOGGI and they use the CRM in order to organize all these companies into one place, which makes it easier for boggi employees to easily access what they need at any given time


Upstart is a company that helps provide a faster and smarter way to get the money you need. They have been featured in big publications such as Forbes, The New York Times, TechCrunch, and CNBC.

Their mission is to help people achieve their dreams through access to personal loans. When companies are looking for a loan, they are able to find the money they need in order to take care of unexpected expenses or grow their company! Upstart also offers student loans and mortgages. How upstart uses Salesforce CRM

How Upstart is using Salesforce

Upstart uses salesforce a lot! They use it to track companies who are interested in borrowing money from them. When companies apply for loans, they input their information into the CRM and upstart is able to find companies that fit what they’re looking for quickly and easily.


Asana is an organizational tool that helps companies track their work, set deadlines, and organize projects. It was created by Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz to keep the development of Facebook running smoothly! Since then Asana has grown tremendously and is now used by companies all over the world who are looking for a more effective way to manage tasks on an enterprise level.

How asana uses Salesforce CRM

Asana is companies which use Salesforce to track all their companies who are using the product. They have over 85,000 companies from around the world and they needed an easy way to manage these companies with salesforce! Their employees can easily find out information on companies without having to search through emails or call companies.

What inspires me most is that Asana is a technology company on its own, but they chose Salesforce as their CMR of choice because they needed a way to organize companies who are using their product! It turns out that using Salesforce is cheaper than producing proprietary solutions even if you are a technology company with that many of development resources onboard.


Mercedes-Benz is a company among top companies that use salesforce. Mercedes is known for their luxury cars. They have been operating in one form or another since the late 1800’s and they build some of the most luxurious vehicles on the planet! Mercedes-Benz has expanded over time to include companies such as Daimler Trucks, Daimler Buses, Maybach and more!

What I love about Mercedes is it’s ability to keep up with the times! They were one of the first companies to use Salesforce and I love that they continue to innovate and produce new technology for their customers.

How mercedes-benz uses Salesforce CRM

We had one project with Mercedes couple of year ago and we were creating Truck configurator for them based on the Salesforce CPQ. Even though the company seems to be on the market since ancient times, the company is really modern when it comes to technology and companies culture.

As you can see Mercedes-Benz continues to innovate in the automotive industry! They were one of the first companies who use Salesforce CRM but they have been using it ever since.


ABB is companies which are known for their engineering excellence. They have been operating since the late 1880s and they continue to be a world leader in companies such as power grids, robotics, and more!

ABB has over 100,000 employees who work across roughly 140 companies around the world! These companies use Salesforce CRM because it helps them organize all of their companies and keep track of projects. It stands out from other companies that use salesforce because of its high investments in technology.

How abb uses Salesforce CRM

ABB is one of the companies which are using salesforce to organize companies around the world! We have done several projects for this companies in the past few years, mainly related with the implementation of new systems on their existing infrastructure. The company has a high standard when it comes to companies’ culture and companies processes which helped us to deliver projects on time.

What I find the most inspiring about ABB is that they continue to be a world leader in companies such as power grids, robotics and more! They are also one of the companies who were using Salesforce CRM before it was even called Salesforce CRM which shows how companies ahead of the curve companies are when it comes to companies technology.

Aston Martin

Aston Martin is companies which are known for their luxury sports cars! They have been in companies since 1913 and they continue to innovate and produce some of the most impressive vehicles on the planet.

Aston Martin has companies all over Europe including companies such as Lagonda, Tickford, and more! These companies use Salesforce CRM because it helps them manage projects with clients companies and companies.

How Aston Martin uses Salesforce CRM

Aston Martin companies Salesforce CRM companies to store and organize their contact information for customers companies. They also use it companies to track projects and tasks from start to finish, even when a project has been completed companies can still access records in the database because they have been saved! Aston Martin sees all of this time saving as an advantage because companies can spend more companies on their main goal companies which is making amazing cars.

Aston Martin companies in the automotive companies for over 100 years! They have a long history of success and innovation, so it’s no surprise that they use Salesforce CRM to help facilitate managing projects with their client’s companies and keep records safe after all project works.

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